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Gig's Birthday

Smirks at him a bit, judging his  slur. This was gonna be a long night. “I’m only asking in relation if I have to stay up and keep an eye on you tonight. No telling what you’re going to get into while you’re this inebriated.”


Of course, Gig didn’t need to know the part about worrying over the reaper more so than the state of the manor.

"I don’t need a goddamn babysitter!" Gig grumbled, shoving at the shark, although really, it might as well have been like getting hit with a sheet of wet cardboard. 

"M’not getting up to anything. Nothin’ at all. Or…not starting anythin’, anyway. M’not ganna get shoved around by your wank-tank dick-humping bossman, y’know. Even if I am…little bit. Little bit tiddlesticks.”  


"And speaking to you right now is comparable to speaking with… well, no, you’re still the same useless piece of trash sober as you are drunk. Tch. Pathetic.” He pushes him again, a little harder. “If you’re so sober, scum, fucking prove it.”

"I said." Gig growled low in his throat, trying especially hard to get his damn tongue to form words that weren’t stammered and slurred, get his sluggish head together, to narrow his eyes at the other man and treat him to a vicious glare, reaching out to grab at his shirt, balling the material up in his fist, “Don’t. Fucking. Touch me. 

rain--flames sent:

Exactly /how/ drunk are you, reaper?

"M’not drunk, alright?! Fuckin’ bitchy bitches with their whinging about drunk…

"M’just a little tipsy, 'k?! M'finely perfect.…Yep. That made sense. Doing good here. Doing good. 


He shrugs and chuckles, reaching out to push at the reaper’s shoulder, just to see how fucked his sense of balance is. “Stick with what works, isn’t that what they say? I notice that when you’re drunk, you’re more honest—you didn’t even argue that time.”

"Arguin’ with you is like. Arguin’ with a’brick wall. ‘Cept walls’ nicer to /look/ at." 0% sense happening here tonight, folks. Reapers stumble a bit, but they’re not /completely/ fucking legless, giving the man a disgruntled look, "don’t…don’t fuckin’ /shove/ me. T’heck y’doing /that/ for?!" 

demon-princess-ashura sent:

Never have I ever... tried to go about my daily life while floating upside down, just for shits and giggles.

"…Okay, that one, I haven’t done.” 

"V’sat upside down n’ceilings before, but. Why the heck would y’go about the whole day upside down??? That’s stupid.

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never have i ever wanted to hold the little princess close and never ever let go

"…Really not playin’ fair tonight, are we? Any other sentimental bullshit y’wanna pull out—?!” 

Grumbles under his breath, but takes the shot anyway. Can’t say it isn’t true and all. 

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